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Wine cellars První Vinařská

Kukla winery

We invite you to a family wine cellar in Hustopeče u Brna, which has a long tradition and rich history. Thiscellar is almost 300 years old and it is where T.G.Masaryk´s parents lived. It is connected to a production cellar by a corridor.

Our offer is wide, we will ensure an evening´sprogramme according to your wishes.
Catering fromour home kitchen consists of warm as well as colddinner dishes, degustation of around 10 types of winein the degustation area among the barrels. Then weproceed with a tour of the production and maturationcellar, all with an expert guide of a sommelier.

Your stay can be made cozier by a folk music band with an acordionist or a guitarist, by a DJ or recordedmusic.

We can comfortably seat 2 to 130 people in the cellar.
Accomodation will be secured according to yourwishes in the nearby guesthouses or some of the localhotels.

Corporate eventsCORPORATE EVENTS

A visit of the cellar with a degustation and catering offers a wide sortiment of meals from our home kitchen menu.

Our home cooking

Feel free to flip through our menu
or download it here in pdf format.


Composition of individual menus:
A toast
1. Dinner of your choice is served
Degustation of 9 wine samples
Unlimited consumption of water and wine
Tea, coffee and desert are served
Free program
2. Second dinner according to offer

Prices will be sent to you on demand.


Each customer of the wine cellar receives a free bottleof wine If they order any of our bundles.
The offer lasts till 31.8.2022

Degustation bundle

We are inviting you to taste 9 samples of wines from our production in the form of proffesionally led degustation with the option of a tour of the winery.
Optimal number of guests for a degustation is 15-50.

The degustation is led by an experienced sommelier Ing. Jiří Kukla. It consists of an introduction of the winery, its history, the technology of production and mainly the degustation of 9 samples of attributive wines.


Wines from our production

The production tank cellar has great parameters for storage and production of wines of finest quality. For its good thermal isolation it used to function as an ice storage. During the summer, the ice stored in here would supply all the surrounding pubs which used it for cooling beer. Nowadays this space is used as storage for our high class wine.

For the production of wine we use the most advanced technology accessible. Careful removal of grape stems is a given, as well as pneumatic press enabling us to obtain first-quality juice without the content of negative substances from grains and skins of grapes. We also use controlled fermentation which preserves the unique aroma of the wines which mature and are stored in protective atmosphere etc...

The sommelier is able to control the entire system wherever and whenever through the internet. The control panel gives him a perfect oversight over everything that is happening with the wine. That is especially signifficant during the period of fermentation when all the temperatures in the tanks are being monitored. When the time comes, automatic cooling is activated in order to make sure the optimal temperature isn’t exceeded. The result of that is preservation of the unique aroma of the wine which otherwise often fades.

Full capacity of the tank cellar is 40 000 litres from which we are able to produce 10-20 000 bottles. This capacity is barely enough to cover the needs of the presentation cellar which is the main reason why it is only posiible the purchase our wines in limited amounts and only in selected wineries.


We will arrange ACCOMMODATION in nearby guesthouses and local hotels.


We can arrange- live folk music, keyboardist, guitarist, accordionist, DJ, caricaturist etc.according to the guests wishes.

Seasonal events

Slunovrat otevřený sklep pro veřejnost
Sobota 10:00 – 23:00 pro veřejnost
Neděle 9:00-12:00 prodej vín

29.9. - 1.10.2022
Burčákové slavnosti
objednávky na AKCE PŘIJÍMÁME!!!
Burčák bude k prodeji ve vinném sklepě :-)

29.9. - 1.10.2022

Otevřený sklep pro veřejnost


Prodej vína ve vinném sklepě

History of the cellar

In 2011 the complex of cellars underwent an extensive reconstruction.

In a single place you can now admire and enjoy the atmosphere of wine cellars dug by the Habans. The cellars are connected by an underground corridor which means you can see something exceptional: a historical presentation cellar with an archive of wines in combination with the absolute summit of viticultural technology installed in the joined production cellar.

An interesting detail is that todays presentation cellar was bought in year 1887 as a wine cellar with a press by the very first president of Czechoslovakia T. G. Masaryk through his brother Ludvík for their parents. After a reconstruction and passing of Masaryk’s mother Terezie Masaryk, his widowed father Josef lived in the house during years 1887-1892. T. G. M. used to often visit his father here and never forgot to enjoy Hustopeče’s wine from the cellar.



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Awards at exhibitions

Awards at exhibitions Awards at exhibitions Awards at exhibitions Awards at exhibitions Awards at exhibitions Awards at exhibitions Awards at exhibitions

Contact information

Adress of the cellars
Vinné sklepy První vinařská spol. s r.o.
Herbenova 1372/17b
69301 Hustopeče

GPS: 48.937529, 16.740753
Ing. Jiří Kukla - sklepmistr
+420 602 175 646
Erika Kuklová - provozní
+420 777 208 798
První vinařská spol. s r.o.
Dukelské náměstí 46/19
69301 Hustopeče
IČ: 29198879
DIČ: CZ29198879
č.ú.: 115-2745240227/0100 (KB, a.s.)

Spisová značka: C 64973 vedená u Krajského soudu v Brně
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